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Angelesen: Singer in the Night

10 August 2020
News German Croatia Germany

In our first „Angelesen“ episode, we present an excerpt from the novel Singer in the Night by Olja Savičević, read by Susanne Bormann.

Listen now (German only):

About the novel: A famous soap opera scriptwriter decides to embark on a road trip in search of her greatest love and ex-husband, an artist whose uncompromising artistic integrity is opposed to her fickle life. Singer in the Night is a rich, sensual novel which comments on perception, on how life is really lived – never objectively, never encompassing the whole truth, and yet no less real to us.

Translated from the Croatian by Blažena Radas and published in German by Voland & Quist.

For those who want to read the novel in English: Singer in the Night was published in English by Istros Books.