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Château de Lavigny – Dabić, Dinić & Schnabl

14 September 2020
News French German Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia Slovenia Switzerland

This summer, Mascha Dabić, Marko Dinić and Ana Schnabl stayed as writers in residence at Château de Lavigny in Switzerland.

Mascha Dabić summed up her impressions in the following manner:

“Lavigny – a privileged, two-week-long existence at a place, where affluence meets taste in the most exquisite fashion. To be able TO BE HERE: to rest, observe, soak up the generous atmosphere, to have company but also the liberty to be alone. Vineyards, hills, summer storms over the lake. Wine, roast chicken. An unexpected gift, in the midst of Corona; a guilty conscience for having it this good. How come I deserve this? Between the rooms Nabokov, Camus, and Rowohlt: writing, reading, not writing, not reading; talking, not talking, thinking. Fountains at every bus stop, biking. Walks to Aubonne, on the hill there a big hedgehog, dead. Fields of sunflowers, as far as the eye can see.”

The stay of the three authors in Lavigny was supported by the S. Fischer Foundation. Ana Schnabl’s stay was made possible through the additional support of the Slovenian Book Agency JAK.