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World Literature in Zagreb

13 October 2019

Between 8th and 14th September 2019 Zagreb hosted the 7th edition of the Festival of World Literature (Festival svjetske književnosti), organised by the Croatian publishing house Fraktura. With the help of Traduki several authors from South East Europe presented their work at this year’s festival: The Slovenian writer Mojca Kumerdej was there with her latest novel Kronosova žetva, the Serbian author Srđan Valjarević with his Komo and the young Serbian writer Nana Bastasić with her novel Uhvati zeca. And last but not least the renowned and esteemed North Macedonian poet Nikola Madžirov. The festival kicked off with the Spanish writer Fernando Aramburu discussing his widely successful novel Patria. Other emiment figures present this year were the US-American winner of the Man Booker Prize, Paul Beatty, and the young Franco-Moroccan writer Leïla Slimani.