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Translation Workshop: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian <-> German

21 September 2020
Tenders Bosnian Croatian German Serbian Austria

3rd – 7th December 2020, Literaturhaus Wien

Workshop led by: Mascha Dabić and Andy Jelčić
Venue: Literaturhaus, Seidengasse 13, 1070 Wien

From 3rd until 6th December 2020 (arrival on 3rd December in the afternoon; departure on 7th December)

The workshop is open to translators translating from the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian into the German or from the German into the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. During the workshop participants will work with different texts – be it prose, drama or poetry – and explore different translation strategies. Certain translation excerpts will be prepared in advance, ahead of the workshop, other passages will be translated and discussed during the workshop itself. In addition, the workshop will also focus on literary translation as a vocation / regular job. In case the workshop won’t be able to take place in Vienna due to Corona restrictions, it will be held online.

Who is leading the workshop?

  • Mascha Dabić
    Born in Sarajevo, she moved with her parents to Vienna when still a child. Literary translator and interpreter operating in the Balkan region. In addition, she teaches at Vienna University. Her novel Reibungsverluste was on the Shortlist for the best debut of the Austrian Book Prize 2017.
  • Andy Jelčić
    Born in Ogulin, he now lives in Zagreb. Translator of literature, nonfiction, plays and operas from the German and English into the Croatian as well as an author and publisher. Winner of the Croatian State Prize for Best Translation 2008 and the Austrian State Prize for Literary Translation 2017. Recipient of several accolades for his short-stories.

Expenses: Participation as well as room and lunch are free. Travel costs will be partially reimbursed.

Applications can be submitted until 5th October. Please apply with a short biography & bibliography in German:

As part of Traduki this project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport