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Literary Translation Workshop – Romanian

23 September 2020
Tenders Romanian Romania

TRADUKI Network, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Romania, invites translators of Romanian literature to the 2nd edition of the Literary Translation Workshop. Due to known circumstances, this year’s workshop will take place as a 3-day online session between November 16th – 18th 2020.

In spite of all difficulties, the organisers are fully convinced that literary translators need to exchange ideas and experiences, to get acquainted with the latest literary developments, to be encouraged and supported to continue their work. The invitation is addressed to young literary translators from Romanian into the following languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, and Slovenian. Eligible to apply are translators aged 35 or younger.

Translators will work on a text excerpt from the novel Disco Titanic by Radu Pavel Gheo (Polirom, 2016). The host of the workshop will be the translator, Ljubinka Perinac Stankov, who is currently working on the Serbian translation of Disco Titanic.

Translators who are interested in participating in the workshop are kindly asked to send in a short CV including a list of their published or unpublished translations from the Romanian language so far.

We ask translators to send their submission to all 3 contacts listed below. The maximum number of participants in the workshop is 6.

Contact persons:

The selected participants will be sent a short fragment from the novel Disco Titanic. Translators will be asked to prepare a first draft of their translation before the start of the workshop.

Submission deadline is October 23rd 2020