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“Herztier” – A Story About How to Survive Dictatorship

19 October 2020
News Albanian German Albania Germany

As part of the German October (Tetori Gjerman) a string of events around Nobel laureate Herta Müller’s Herztier (The Land of Green Plums) are taking place in Tirana and other Albanian cities. The translation of the book was supported by Traduki. The first literary evening took place on 9th October in Pogradec, the second one on 19th October in the residency garden of the German Embassy in Tirana, in the presence of Ambassador Peter Zingraf. The third event was held 24th in Gjirokastra. The author Arian Leka and Anna Kove, the translator of the novel into Albanian, discussed the impact and importance of Müller’s book. Excerpts from the novel in Albanian were read by actor Kastriot Ramollari.

The next event about Herztier will take place this Saturday, 31st, in Shkodër.