Tvrtko Klarić was born in 1955 in Gornji Vukšić near Brčko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He went to school in Croatia (Ilok, Bol on the Brač island, Dubrovnik, and Samobor) in Vojvodina (Nova Gajdobra and Silbaš) and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Donja Skakava, Bukvik and Ulice). Since 1978 he has been living in Zagreb, where he studied Latin and Italian languages and literatures. From 1993 to 2013, he was an editor at the Croatian Literary Society St. Gerome, among other he worked for the literary magazine Marulić. Tvrtko Klarić is a member of the Croatian Translators‘ Association, of the Croatian PEN Centre, of the Association Goli Otok “Ante Zemljar“ and of the Anti-Fascist Association of Rab. His translations to Croatian include among others the works by Primo Levi, Erri de Luca, Margherita Guidacci, Antonio Rossi and Fabio Pusterla.