Barbara Frischmuth was born in 1941 in Altaussee (Steiermark). She studied Turkish and Hungarian and from 1964 to 1967 Oriental Studies in Vienna. Lives as a freelance writer and translator in Altaussee. Major works: The Cloister School (1968); The Shadow Disappears in the Sun (novel, 1973); the trilogy: Mystifications of Sophie Silber (1976), Amy or the metamorphosis (1978) and Kai and the Love of Models (1979); the trilogy: Mistress of the Animals (1986), About the Circumstances (1987) and One-another Child (1990); Heart of a Witch (short stories, 1994); The Writing of a Friend (novel, 1998); Cinquefoil and Foxgloves. A literary gardening diary (1999) and The Secret and the Bizarre. Three lectures (1999). Numerous children’s books (most recently “Alice in Wonderland” adapted from Lewis Carroll), Radio and TV plays.