Preising is the heir of an industrial empire from Switzerland. Whilst on a business trip, he witnesses lavish wedding preparations in a luxury resort in a Tunisian oasis. Two rich young Englishmen from London City have invited friends and family for a massive wedding party and they are already feasting excessively, as all the signs show that the economy will crash: the British pound plummets and shortly thereafter, the UK is bankrupt. This brings unforeseeable consequences also for the party gathered in Tunisia. As a Swiss citizen, Preising remains mostly unconcerned, but he does experience how thin the cover of civilization actually is. He learns a lesson in globalization, since his company has production facilities in Tunisia. So not even Preising escapes unscathed. Suspenseful, smartly constructed, funny, with unforgettable images and written in a rich and dynamic language, this novella dissects human weaknesses and aims directly in the centre of the modern society.