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Balkan Film Night – LNdI

28 May 2020
News German Germany

At the Long Night of Ideas in 2018, Traduki filled the seats of Berlin’s Cinema Babylon with literature aficionados. Meanwhile, the roster onstage included Anja Golob, Ervina Halili, Damir Karakaš, Cătălin Mihuleac and other writers as well as the band Zmei3, whose members turned up the heat once words gave way to music. This time, we turn things upside down. On 19th June we bring the seventh art directly into your living rooms. On the menu: A selection of Southeast European films as well as interviews and Q&As.

The Balkan Film Night will last six hours. Cinematic pleasures can be had until midnight when the credits will start rolling! Programme details available soon on and under #LNDI2020.