At the Long Night of Ideas in 2018, Traduki filled the seats of Berlin’s Cinema Babylon with literature aficionados and a list of eminent writers. This time, we turn things upside down. On 19th June 2020 we bring the seventh art directly into your living rooms!

On the menu: A selection of Southeast European films. We open the night with the animated short Blind Vaysha, followed by the documentary The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid. Later in the evening it is up to the audience, how they want to continue the night. One can choose between Borders, Raindrops and God Exists, Her Name is Petrunya, both wonderful feature films exploring different aspects of origin and belonging. The links to the films will be posted ahead of the screening.

In addition, we invite you to join the Q&As and discussions with our guests, including Balkan Film Week curator Marija Katalinić, Berlinale-decorated director Teona Strugar Mitevska, and comic book artist Aleksandar Zograf on our YouTube channel. Cinematic pleasures can be had until midnight when the credits start rolling!

The Balkan Film Night is part of the Long Night of Ideas.


The film links will be posted here on the website ahead of the screenings (due to differences in licensing some films might not be available).
You can follow all Balkan Film Night Talks directly on our YouTube channel.