TRADUKI supported the 14th edition of the „Trgni se! Poezija!“ poetry festival in Belgrade, which took place from 27th-29th November. This year’s motto was Bandit or Poet?

Three evenings of discussions and readings with poets from all across Europe. Guests debated the role of poetry in the modern world: Should it just be art and nothing but art, or does poetry have to be an act of intellectual criticism, a means to reflect on the society we live in? Forget the usual discussions, in which everybody is in agreement – poets can argue:

Two of the poets who participated in the festival, have just had their poetry collections published in Serbian translation with the support of TRADUKI, namely Boris A. Novak from Slovenia (Mala Osobna Mitologija, Treći trg, 2020) and Nikola Madžirov from North Macedonia (ДЛАН И НЕТАКНУТО, Treći trg, 2020)

All readings and discussions are available on Treći trg’s YouTube channel!