In the latest edition of BÜCHER Magazin: “Traum & Traumata Jugoslawien. Die junge Generation erhebt ihre Stimme”. Several pages in the magazine are dedicated to Yugoslavia – and the aftermath of its breakup: With information on new reads from Southeast Europe, an article on Tito and an interview with the writer Sandra Gugić, in conversation with Sonja Hartl!

March saw the publication of many new titles in German translation: Fang den Hasen by Lana Bastašić, Mein Mann – Stories by Rumena Bužarovska and Der Sommer, als meine Mutter grüne Augen hatte by Tatiana Țîbuleac among others.

Here’s a selection of what the press had to say:
Fang den Hasen (Catch the Rabbit)
Mein Mann – Stories (My Husband – Stories)
Der Sommer, als meine Mutter grüne Augen hatte

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