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On 2nd November 2020 we kicked off our online series „Literarischer Nerd ‘erliest’ Südosteuropa“. Every first Monday of the month, self-declared literary nerd Florian Valerius joined Hana Stojić to discuss books and literature in a casual and relaxed setting. First up was David Grossman’s novel Was Nina wusste.

Alas, it’s all over now. It’s the end of an era. Both Hana and Florian are embarking on new challenges. But all episodes are still available to view below!

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Florian Valerius AKA @literarischernerd is a bookseller & Bookstagrammer. He has turned his hobby into his career and works as the branch manager of University Bookstore Stephanus in Trier. And he has discovered Bookstagram as a new and different way to bring together literature and people.

Traduki’s Hana Stojić is our Common Ground Programme Curator.





Florian Valerius
Credits: Bob Sala
Hana Stojić
Credits: Ekko von Schwichow