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Literature from Southeast Europe

On 2nd November 2020 we kicked off our online series „Literarischer Nerd ‘erliest’ Südosteuropa“. Self-declared literary nerd Florian Valerius is joined by Hana Stojić to discuss books and literature in a casual and relaxed setting.

After a bit of a break we started the new season on 3 October with Ana Schnabl’s ‘Meisterwerk’! More episodes to follow soon. Watch this space!

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Florian Valerius AKA @literarischernerd is a bookseller & Bookstagrammer. He has turned his hobby into his career and works as the branch manager of University Bookstore Stephanus in Trier. And he has discovered Bookstagram as a new and different way to bring together literature and people.

Traduki’s Hana Stojić is our Common Ground Programme Curator.





Florian Valerius
Credits: Bob Sala
Hana Stojić
Credits: Ekko von Schwichow