Several literary festivals took place over the past weeks, from Banja Luka to Berlin, and TRADUKI was here and there and everywhere.  Summer and sunshine are fun, but the heat is getting to us. Now we will take a short breather.

But, fear not, soon we will be back: In Berlin we will send off the sweatiest and sunniest of seasons in style. At the 4th edition of Die guten Tage on the shores of the Wannsee, we will serve only the best in Southeast European music and literature. This year, we will host Finnish-Kosovar writer Pajtim Statovci, North Macedonian poet Lidija Dimkovska, and Croatian playwright and author Dino Pešut.

The German excerpts will be read by Agnes Mann. And after the readings, Ana Avramov will play us out and into the balmy night.

Save the date!

9 September 2022 | 7:00 PM | LCB

See you at the lake!