Revisiting Residencies

Around 230 authors and translators have taken the opportunity to immerse themselves in new literary landscapes with the support of TRADUKI. In this series, we invite them to share with us their experiences of their residency stays.

In 2020, many of our residency programmes had to come to an unexpected halt. Nevertheless, we wanted to find a way to keep the “residency” spirit alive and build on the residencies that have already taken place. In the second half of 2019, the Slovenian poet Uroš Prah and the Bulgarian translator Hristo Boev had residencies in Bucharest. Both guests enjoyed their time in the Romanian metropolis and got inspired by what they saw and experienced.

In October 2020, we launched the digital essay Revisiting Bucharest. In the essay, Uroš Prah presented texts and photographs from (and inspired by) his stay in the Romanian capital. We enjoyed it so much that this year we decided to invite another set of authors and translators to share their experiences of their residency stays with us. Et voilà: Revisiting Residencies was born!


Lana Bastašić

In Revisiting Belgrade, author Lana Bastašić talks about her stay in the Serbian capital, the writer’s block she had to overcome there, and the book that eventually unblocked it. In the accompanying interview she also tells us of her latest short story collection Mliječni zubi and about how she has become a real residency pro.


Frosina Parmakovska

In her digital essay, Revisiting Sofia, North Macedonian writer Frosina Parmakovska tells us about her stay in March 2020. In the accompanying interview, she discusses her approach to writing, her latest novel, and the books she (re-)discovered in lockdown.


Uroš Prah

In Revisiting Bucharest Slovene poet Uroš Prah presents poems and photographs from (and inspired by) his stay in the Romanian capital. In his digital essay he also gives us a glimpse of Văcărești Natural Park, which lies at the edge of Bucharest city.