Thank you, Leipzig! What a way to start! Last night we had a full house at the opening of the Balkan Film Week at the UT Connewitz! The opening films were Vlad Petri’s ,Between Revolutions‘ and Srđan Keča’s ,Museum of the Revolution’.

Thank you to our curator Marija Katalinić & Sebastian Gebeler and the UT Connewitz team. And thank you to Vlad Petri for participating in the Q&A.

You can rewatch the interview with Vlad Petri here:

📌 Tonight we continue at 7pm with the double bill ,Kangë e Defa: Female Rhapsody in Kosovo‘ (d: Vincent Moon and Fatime Kosumi) & ,Our Family Garden‘ (d: Smirna Kulenović).

📌 Followed at 9pm with Marija Zidar’s ,Reconciliation’!

Images: Barbara Anderlič & Marija Katalinić