Books for Breakfast

Common Ground –
Literature from Southeast Europe


Since 23rd April, World Book Day, our virtual “Books for Breakfast” project is bringing  authors and literary experts directly into your home and to your breakfast table. With them in  tow: tons of reading material from Southeast Europe, personal favourites, and lasting reading  experiences. Join us Thursdays for sumptuous literary delicacies. 

You can also find all past episodes of Books for Breakfast directly on YouTube.

The talks are in German or English. The video title indicates which language the conversation is in.

Origin and Belonging of Books for Breakfast

The Corona crisis has brought public life to a halt, but literature knows no quarantine. It is now more crucial than ever that the Region in Focus 2020-2022 does its cultural share to keep things moving, which is why we are presenting parts of our planned Origin and Belonging Leipzig programme in our Books for Breakfast series.  

The first episode featured author Marica Bodrožić and an homage to one of 20th century’s most eminent literary figures, Danilo Kiš. In September, after a short summer break, we picked up where we left off, with guests such as Oliver Zille, Director of the Leipzig Book Fair.