In spite of travel restrictions we continue to read and discuss great literature across borders. And so, with the support of Traduki, several authors took part in a string of festivals across Southeast Europe.

At the end of September (24-26) the 8th edition of KaLibar bestiVal took place in Varaždin. Part of the programme – albeit from afar – were also Rumena Bužarovska and Semezdin Mehmedinović.

The latter, together with Aleksandar Hemon, opened the Festival of the European Short Story, which this year ran together with the Hay Festival Europa28 in Zagreb and Rijeka. This year, the harbour city Rijeka is the Cultural Capital of Europe:

Further south, in Mostar, the Poligon Festival was held in the middle of October (15-18). Authors included Želimir Periš, Ivica Prtenjača, Ivana Rogar, and Srđan Sekulić.

And so, regardless of what’s swirling around us, we read on!