On 28th November 2019, Mojca Kumerdej presented her novel Chronos erntet (Wallstein Verlag 2019) at the Salzburger Literaturhaus. The decorated Slovene author describes with a sharp tongue and ironic wit the times of the Counter-Reformation in what is today Slovenia and dissects the power-hungry errors and mistakes inherent to war and ideology. Amidst witch trials and visitations, Kumerdej creates a spell-binding maelstrom of stories that pulls you in: A far cry from a dusty history novel, this book is a biting diatribe, which in wonderful language shows today’s contemporary world the errors of its ways.

Annemarie Türk from Traduki led the disucssion with Kumerdej and translator Erwin Köstler. The event was organised and supported by TRADUKI, the Salzburger Literaturforum Leselampe and prolit.