For the “Prosaic Ones”:
[The Celebration]

The latest novel by Croatian writer Damir Karakaš delves even deeper than his earlier books and takes us on a journey to far-off countrysides, nature and old customs. But the end of the war does not leave a lot of room for new beginnings and change. Everything seems to stand still – but does it really? Translated into Macedonian by Aco Peroski and published by Artkonekt in 2020.

For the “Poetically Minded”:
L’opposta riva (dieci anni dopo) (Portraits of Absence)
In 2018, Fabiano Alborghetti won the Swiss Literature Award for his novel Maiser. With this collection of poetry, readers can now get to know Alborghetti, the poet. Portraits of Absence offers a stark and unflinching portrait of humanity, cloaked in magnificent and impressive language. The poet himself takes on the role of a courageous Cassandra-like figure, trying to reach us with cries and pleas. Translated from the Italian by Natasha Sardzoska and published by Makavej in 2019.
For the “Little Ones”:
Avram, Bogdan, vodu gaze [Avram, Bogdan, and the Cheeky ABC]

Vladislava Vojnović has written a very special little book.
Manual: Take a look at the book, then read slowly. In alphabetical order. With a smile on your face. Perhaps over and over again (regardless of age).
Ingredients: Curious Melania and her adventures with the alphabet.
Value: Immeasurable.
Lovingly manufactured: Not mass-produced, but written and drawn by hand.
Expiry date: Unlimited, starting from this moment: “Now!”
Translated into Bulgarian by Rusanka Lyapova, the children’s book was published by Kibea Publishing Company in 2020.