In Revisiting Skopje we discover together with Bulgarian author Alexander Shpatov the North Macedonian capital, which despite its geographical closeness is pretty much a mystery for many Bulgarians. In the city, the writer goes through all stages of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in other words, he lives, it’s what we humans do. But physical ailments of the past soon give way to other things: What follows is the discovery of local delicacies and the exploration of the literary cosmos of his temporary home. With the help of local authors, such as Frosina Parmakovska and Petar Andonovski, Shpatov goes in search of the city’s essence in cemeteries and bookshops and elsewhere in town. In the end, he does not only find new friends but also a lost part of old Sofia.

Shpatov’s essay:

The interview accompanying the essay can be viewed here: