Summer is coming! A slew of TRADUKI-supported literary festivals is awaiting you all across Southeast Europe. Things started in earnest last week with the Imperativ festival (30 May – 3 June) opening its doors in Banja Luka and featuring Tanja Stupar Trifunović and many other great authors. You can catch the last festival events today! This will be followed by the Belgrade Festival of European Literature in Serbia (4-6 June) and the Festival of the European Short Story (5-9 June) in Zagreb & Zadar. The latter will kick off with Ingo Schulze at its opening event. At the end of the month we will then head to the festival Odakle zovem (27-29 June) in Podgorica. Then it is time for a quick breather, and before you know it, we are off to Bosnia: The July proceedings open with Bookstan Sarajevo (3-6 July)!