In 2024, Zsolnay is celebrating its 100th birthday. To mark this special occasion, several events will take place in the coming weeks, including a special Zsolnay reading festival in Vienna on 8 June. TRADUKI sends happy wishes and says thank you for the continuous and fruitful collaboration with the publisher. Over the years, Zsolnay has published several outstanding Southeast European authors and books with the support of TRADUKI, among them Léa Cohen’s Das Calderon Imperium (t: Thomas Frahm), Cǎtǎlin Mihuleac’s Oxenberg & Bernstein (t: Ernest Wichner), Ioana Pârvulescu’s Wo die Hunde in drei Sprachen bellen (t: Georg Aescht), Slobodan Šnajder’s Die Reparatur der Welt (t: Mirjana and Klaus Wittmann) and Varujan Vosganian’s Das Spiel der hundert Blätter (t: Ernest Wichner). Zsolnay authors have also been repeatedly featured in TRADUKI events, for example Kapka Kassabova or Cyrill Stieger. Several have also been translated into Southeast European languages with the support of TRADUKI.

We are especially delighted that Zsolnay author Mircea Cărtărescu will be present at the Zsolnay reading festival in June. The author has just recently been awarded the Dublin Literary Award for his Solenoid (together with his English translator Sean Cotter). Cărtărescu’s novel Theodoros is forthcoming in autumn 2024 with Zsolnay. The German translation by Ernest Wichner is supported by TRADUKI.