Romania is this year’s Guest of Honour at the Belgrade Book Fair. The fair opens its 65th edition this Sunday (23-30 October 2022). We are delighted that two TRADUKI partners are working together this closely and that Romania will showcase its diverse literary treasures in Belgrade under the title Books for Friends.

Ljubica Šljukić will be present at three events in the name of TRADUKI.

Tuesday, 25 October, 17.00, Romanian stand
Supporting literary translation, an acute necessity.

Participants: Ioan Cristescu (Director, Museum of Romanian Literature), Mladen Vesković (Counsellor, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia), Liviu Jicman (President, Institute for Romanian Culture), Ioan Matei (Director, Romanian Ministry of Culture)
Moderator: Ljubica Šljukić (TRADUKI)
Translation: Simona Popov

Friday, 28 October, 17.00, Romanian stand
Focus: Today’s Romanian prose. The fascination of contemporary neuroses

Participants: Vlad Zografi, Augustin Cupșa, Aleksandra Rašić (Književne radionice Rašić), and Partizanska knjiga
Moderator: Ljubica Šljukić (TRADUKI)
Translation: Đura Miočinović

Sunday, 30 October, 14.00, Romanian stand
Why do we love and translate Romanian literature?
Conversation between literary translators

Participants: Adam Puslojić, Daniela Popov, Nicu Ciobanu, Đura Miočinović, Mariana Dan, Jonela Menger, and Ljubica Šljukić (TRADUKI)
Moderator: Oana Hergenröther
In Memoriam Ileana Ursu-Nenadić and Miljurko Vukadinović

You can find out more about the Romanian Guest of Honour events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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