Balmy summer has its own delights, with a string of new reads and festivals to quicken your heart!

Bookstan International Literature Festival will take place in Sarajevo from 7th–10th July. With the support of TRADUKI, several SEE authors will be present at this year’s edition. Programme details can be viewed here.

On 13th July Goran Vojnović’s Tschefuren raus! oder Warum ich wieder mal zu Fuß bis in den zehnten Stock (German translation by Klaus Detlef Olof) will get published by Folio Verlag and on 26th July, Zsolnay publishes Ioana Pârvulescu’s Wo die Hunde in drei Sprachen bellen (German translation by Georg Aescht & supported by TRADUKI).

More information on soon-to-be released books in German can be viewed here.

And! Lavinia Braniște’s novel Sonia meldet sich is on the SWR-Book List! The translation by Manuela Klenke was supported by TRADUKI. We are overjoyed about the success this book is having! Yay!