»Don’t Look Back« A literary festival from Romania & Moldova

21 Authors | 3 Musical Evenings | 3 Performances | 2 Film Events | 1 Exhibition
26 February – 2 March from 6PM onwards ​​

Ricarda Ciontos is curating a week-long festival for Literaturhaus Berlin that brings together authors and artists from Romania and Moldova. In addition to three music and two film evenings, performances and an exhibition, global issues will be highlighted and discussed through contemporary Romanian and Moldovan literature.

Readings, performances, film screenings and discussions with Sabin Țambrea, Gabriela Adameșteanu, Tatiana Țîbuleac, Gianina Cărbunariu, Adrian Schiop, Alina Serban, and many others.

Music by Oana Catalina Chitu & Dejan Jovanovic, Ensemble Dinu Lipatti Berlin, Kali Mihaela & Nicoleta Ghiță

Exhibition »Away / Plecat« with photographs of economic migrants by Cosmin Bumbuţ & Elena Stancu

The films will be shown at Babylon Mitte. In the summer of 2024 the festival will be continued at the Literary Museum in Bucharest.

The programme is kindly supported by TRADUKI.