In autumn 2021, Slovenian artist and illustrator Samira Kentrić spent a month in Pristina as an artist-in-residence. Her digital essay is now being published as part of our Revisiting Residencies series. Kentrić uses fragmentary impressions, poetic snippets and colourful illustrations to reflect on and recount her time in the capital of Kosovo. Different, contrasting impressions condense into a quiet yet telling portrait of Pristina –  and perhaps Kentrić is right in the end and a city needs nothing more than fresh bread and a library to be happy. The visual essay is available in Slovenian, Albanian, German & English:

In the video interview with the author, we gain additional insights into her working methods:

For those whose interest is piqued after reading the essay: In 2021, Kentrić’s graphic novel Balkanalije: odraščanje v času tranzicij was published in German translation with TRADUKI support (t.: Barbara Anderlič, Jacoby & Stuart). The Bulgarian edition was published by Paradox in 2019 and was translated by Georgi Stoychev.