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Common Ground 2020-2022

Important: We regret to announce that this year's Leipzig Book Fair has been cancelled. However, our long-term plan remains the same: introduce the German-speaking audiences to the not much known literature from Southeast Europe. In this sense, the three-year project of the Stand in Focus 2020-2022 will play an important role at the Leipzig Book Fair in the next two years.

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Balkan Film Night

On 19th June, the Balkan Film Night brings the seventh art directly into your living rooms. On the menu: A selection of Southeast European films as well as interviews and Q&As. Cinematic pleasures can be had until midnight when the credits will start rolling!

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TRADUKI promotes the exchange between the German-language and Southeast European literary scenes as well as the exchange between Southeast European literary scenes respectively. It primarily supports translations from German into Southeast European languages, vice versa, and between Southeast European languages, with emphasis on 20th and 21st century literature.

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New Application Tool!

We are currently open for submissions and are looking forward to receiving your application! We have a new translation grant ...

6 August 2020
Angelesen: Stories from Southeast Europe

In “Angelesen: Stories from Southeast Europe” we present short snippets from different literary works – be it poetry, prose, or children’...

31 July 2020
New Reads – (Not Only) Summery Recommendations

For the “Prosaic Ones”: Proslava [The Celebration] The latest novel by Croatian writer Damir Karakaš delves even deeper than his ...

29 June 2020

Once every month, Tino Schlench – www.literaturpalast.at – meets authors, translators, journalists and other people from the literary world who ...

27 June 2020
And cut!

Last Friday, on 19th June, we hosted the first digital Balkan Film Night as part of the Long Night of ...

20 June 2020
Balkan Film Night – LNdI

At the Long Night of Ideas in 2018, Traduki filled the seats of Berlin’s Cinema Babylon with literature aficionados. Meanwhile, ...

28 May 2020
New Reads – April 2020

The Traduki network connects authors and translators beyond many borders and will continue to do so, especially now. We would ...

30 April 2020
Books for Breakfast

Kicking off on 23rd April, World Book Day, our virtual “Books for Breakfast” project will bring authors and experts directly ...

22 April 2020
IWM’s Paul Celan Fellowships for Translators – Extended Application Deadline

The aim of the Paul Celan Fellowship Program of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) is to overcome deficits and ...

20 April 2020
Drago Jančar Awarded Austrian State Prize for European Literature

The Austrian State Prize for European Literature is awarded annually to celebrate the literary oeuvres of European authors who have ...

25 March 2020

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Writers in Residence

Translators and authors from Southeast Europe have a chance to take part in the residencies programme organised by Traduki’s partners. Locations on offer include Belgrade, Bucharest, Cetinje, Novo Mesto, Prishtina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Split, Tirana as well as Vaduz in Liechtenstein. So far, around 230 authors and translators have taken this opportunity to connect to a new literary landscape and work on their projects.

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The Traduki network is a project of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of the Republic of Austria, German Federal Foreign Office, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Austrian Association of Translators IG Übersetzerinnen Übersetzer (Literaturhaus Wien) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport of the Republic of Austria, Goethe Institut, S. Fischer Foundation, Slovenian Book Agency - JAK, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Culture of the Prinicipality of Liechtenstein, Cultural Foundation Liechtenstein, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, The Ministry of Culture of Romania, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Montenegro, Leipzig Book Fair, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.