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Common Ground 2020-2022

Under the following title and the joint roof of Traduki, the diverse and intricate literary landscape of Southeast Europe presents itself at the Leipzig Book Fair between 2020 and 2022. It is Traduki's biggest and most ambitious project since its inception in 2008. Additional events at other book fairs form part of this endeavour, as do the Balkan Film Week & Night and a host of videos and podcasts available online, including Books for Breakfast.

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Revisiting Residencies

Around 230 authors and translators have taken the opportunity to immerse themselves in new literary landscapes with the support of TRADUKI. In this series, we invite them to share with us their experiences of their residency stays.

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TRADUKI promotes the exchange between the German-language and Southeast European literary scenes as well as the exchange between Southeast European literary scenes respectively. It primarily supports translations from German into Southeast European languages, vice versa, and between Southeast European languages, with emphasis on 20th and 21st century literature.

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1st February 2022

Latest News

Buch Wien 2021

We are looking forward to our events that will take place from 11–14 November at this year’s Buch Wien! The ...

13 October 2021
The Archipelago @ NOMAD

„Arhipelag Jugoslavija – od 1991. do danas“ Šta bi vam o nostalgiji mogao ispričati čovjek koji je čitav život proveo čitajuć...

11 October 2021

Attention, Belgrade! TRGNI SE! POEZIJA! Poetry Festival is happening this weekend, serving exquisite poetry all through the weekend! The festival ...

8 October 2021
Revisiting Belgrade Now Online!

Lana Bastašić’s digital essay is now online! In Revisiting Belgrade, Bastašić talks about her stay in the ...

29 September 2021
Belgrade Calling

Next week we present our latest Revisiting Residencies episode. After Bucharest and Sofia we now return to Belgrade with author ...

20 September 2021
What a Day!

Whoop whoop! ‘Die guten Tage’ at LCB were wonderful! Thank you to Asja Bakić, Lana Bastašić and Rumena Buž...

19 September 2021
Translation Workshop – Romanian III

The TRADUKI Network, in cooperation with several Romanian partners, invites translators of Romanian literature to the 3rd edition of our ...

16 September 2021
#News #Tenders
Reading the Western Balkans – Selection

The selected authors and translators for the Reading the Western Balkans programme are now announced! The following authors and translators ...

15 September 2021
FSK 2021

TRADUKI supported this year’s edition of Festival svjetske književnosti in Croatia, where also two TRADUKI-supported translations were presented, ...

14 September 2021
TRADUKI Authors at #ilb21

Yesterday, Samira Kentrić presented her graphic novels Balkanalien (translation: Barbara Anderlič; Jacoby & Stuart) and Adna (Mladinska knjiga) at the ...

13 September 2021

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Writers in Residence

Translators and authors from Southeast Europe have a chance to take part in the residencies programme organised by Traduki’s partners. Locations on offer include Belgrade, Bucharest, Cetinje, Novo Mesto, Prishtina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Split, Tirana as well as Vaduz in Liechtenstein. So far, around 230 authors and translators have taken this opportunity to connect to a new literary landscape and work on their projects.

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