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Ismail Kadare

“Who in the world has not yearned for a loved one, has never said, If only he or she could come back just once, just one more time…? Despite the fact that it can never happen, never ever. Surely this is the saddest thing about our mortal world, and its sadness will go on shrouding human life like a blanket of fog until its final extinction.”

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  • Festivals in July

    We literally start July with Bookstan Sarajevo (3-6 July), where Darko Cvijetić, Aleksandar Hemon, Selma Raljević, Dušan…

  • Ismail Kadare

    “Who in the world has not yearned for a loved one, has never said, If only he or she could come back just once, ju…

  • Anja Mugerli | Kresnik

    Congratulations to Anja Mugerli on winning the Slovenian Kresnik Award for Best Novel of the Year. Pričakovanja was publ…

  • 100 Years of Zsolnay

    In 2024, Zsolnay is celebrating its 100th birthday. To mark this special occasion, several events will take place in the…

  • Summertime Festivals

    Summer is coming! A slew of TRADUKI-supported literary festivals is awaiting you all across Southeast Europe. Things sta…

  • New Address

    “In the Central Post Office’s Nixie unit—where mail arrives that has been illegibly or incorrectly addressed —I se…

  • Dublin Literary Award

    Congratulations to Mircea Cărtărescu & Sean Cotter on winning the Dublin Literary Award for Solenoid! For those in A…

  • Kairos

    Bravo to Jenny Erpenbeck and Michael Hofmann on winning the International Booker Prize 2024. “Kairos” will b…

  • Peter Stamm in Albania

    Last week renowned Swiss author Peter Stamm visited Albania. In the capital Tirana and in Shkodra the writer presented h…

  • Poetry. Full Stop.

    The Leipzig Book Fair 2024 is over. Long live the Leipzig Book Fair! Thank you to all the participants in the TRADUKI pr…

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  • Literaturpalast Audiospur

    Literaturpalast Audiospur

    In the podcast Literaturpalast Audiospur, Tino Schlench meets authors, translators, journalists and other people from the literary world who are, in one way or another, connected to literature from Southeast Europe.

  • Revisiting Residencies

    Revisiting Residencies

    In this series we invite translators and writers who were guests of a TRADUKI residence to share their experiences and impressions with us.

  • Angelesen: Stories from Southeast Europe

    Angelesen: Stories from Southeast Europe

    In the series we present short snippets from different literary works – be it poetry, prose, or children’s books. The passages are read by the actors Susanne Bormann and Aleksandar Radenković, who guide the listeners through stories and tales from the Southeast European region.

  • Books for Breakfast

    Books for Breakfast

    Our “Books for Breakfast” project brought authors and literary experts directly into your home and to your breakfast table. With them in tow: tons of reading material from Southeast Europe, personal favourites, and lasting reading impressions.

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  • Translation grants

    1 July 20241 September 2024

  • Residency grants

    15 September15 October 2024

  • Project grants

    1 September30 September 2024

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