Yesterday, Samira Kentrić presented her graphic novels Balkanalien (translation: Barbara Anderlič; Jacoby & Stuart) and Adna (Mladinska knjiga) at the internationales literaturfestival berlin! Thank you again to Lilian Pithan who curated and moderated the event! What made us even happier after the event: book table at silent green – all copies gone!

But there are other TRADUKI authors you can catch at #ilb21. On the topic of ‘Words of Love and Hate: Frauenhass VS Female Empowerment’ Rumena Bužarovska discusses this evening her story collection Mein Mann (translation: Benjamin Langer, Suhrkamp). And on Wednesday, elaborating on the same topic, Elvira Dones presents her novel Verbrannte Sonne (translation: Florian Kienzle, Ink Press).