Slovenia? Cede it? Never.
I touch the small bottle of slivovitz in my breast pocket.
It is warm. It stays with us.

— Maruša Krese

In less than ten days Slovenia will be the Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Under the slogan Honeycomb of Words the country, which is a member of the TRADUKI network, will present its literature to the German public. But when were the first Slovenian books published and what role did the Reformation play? Well, it was actually during the Reformation that the first books in Slovenian were published, for example Jurij Dalmatin’s Bible translation, and sometimes they were even printed in places in current-day Germany. An interesting account of this fascinating period is given in the novel Chronos erntet(tr: Erwin Köstler, Wallstein Verlag) by Slovenian author Mojca Kumerdej, who will also be in Frankfurt this October. Of course, also TRADUKI itself will be present with an event or two as well as in the form of all the supported book translations.

Details are available on our social media accounts.