Thank you for Die guten Tage! Now for some snaps from the 5th edition of the good days at LCB! With Uroš Prah, Nataša Kramberger and Ilija Đurović, moderated by Irina Bondas, Hendrik Jackson and Hana Stojić. Dina Bjelić interpreted for Ilija. His excerpt was read by actress Maja Zećo. Thank you to the wonderful band Romenca (Oana Catalina Chitu & Co.) for the music.

Thank you to our curators Ismar Hačam & Ljubica Šljukić Tucakov!

You want more?
📕 Prah’s poetry collection ‘Erdfall’ (translated by Daniela Kocmut & U. P.) was published this spring by Luftschacht Verlag
📕 Kramberger’s essay ‘Mauerpfeffer’ (Ü: Liza Linde) is forthcoming with Verbrecher Verlag this October
📕 An excerpt from Đurović’s novel ‘Sampas’ was translated as part of the project ‘texthelden/berlin setzt über’ by Elvira Veselinović

📷 Tobias Bohm

Thank you to everyone for the fabulous evening. Till next time!