After a busy first weeks, we won’t get bored in the second half of September either, as one event chases the next. Today, PRO-ZA Balkan comes to an end in Skopje. This year, the winner of the PRO-ZA Balkan Prize was the renowned Slovenian author Drago Jančar. Here you can read an interview with the decorated writer. At the end of the week, the Macedonian capital will poetise itself. At the third edition of the Skopje Poetry Festival, Dragoslav Dedović will present his book “Jемата под абажур”. Jovica Ivanovski is nominated for the Dragi Prize for the TRADUKI-supported translation. And during the week SlovoKult and Berlin will be showcasing themselves in Skopje, also as part of ZDRAVO MLADI!

You want sun and sea? Then drop by the ŠKURE-Festival in Šibenik this week! Author Tanja Stupar Trifunović will also be present.

With Georgi Gospodinov and Vladislav Bajac, we will open the 2nd season of ‘Booking Balkan’ (with our fabulous partner Kulturni centar GRAD) at the end of the month. A few days earlier Albanian writer Stefan Çapaliku will present his novel ‘Zatvoreno zbog odmora’. in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The book was published this summer in the Serbian translation by Danilo Brajović by Clio.

By the way, we presented Stefan Çapaliku’s ‘Jeder wird verrückt auf seine Art’ (tr: Zuzana Finger, Transit Buchverlag) at last year’s Buch Wien. This year, too, we have prepared an exciting programme for you. More about that soon!