What happens when an Albanian shepherd discovers a Christian painting inside a mosque? Or when a young philosophy student from Montenegro sets out to cross and reconcile the borders that were drawn up during the war in Yugoslvia? These and many other questions will be explored over the next few days in the eight films shown at the 2nd Balkan Film Week, curated by Marija Katalinić. The film week is taking place from 2-5 March at the UT Connewitz in Leipzig and is a teaser event for the upcoming literary programme of the Focus Region 2020-2022 at the Leipzig Book Fair.

The Balkan Film Week had its opening last night with the Albanian film A Shelter Among the Clouds by Robert Budina, followed by Borders, Raindrops, written and directed by Nikola Mijović and Vlastimir Sudar. Vlastimir Sudar graced us with his presence and assisted in an Q&A, which tried to answer various questions pertaining to the film, including what nostalgia has to do with the Sarajevo Winter Olympics and masturbation.

Quite the opening!